Weekly Specials

Weekly Lunch Specials  Starting  11/11/2019

For Lunch - $6.50


Veterans Day Lunch:  American Cheese Cheeseburger w/FF & a Slice of Apple Pie


Steak & Cheese Sub w/Chips


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides 


Chicken Parmesan Sandwich w/Onion Rings


Meat Loaf w/2 Sides










If you weren’t at the Pub Friday Night, you missed the deal of the year.  The Pub Appetizer Tasting was awesome.  It consisted, not of small plates, but of a Platter Plus of appetizers.  It was so much food that it was hard if not impossible for one person to eat it all.  Look for the winners on the new menu coming soon.

This weeks Lunch Specials are:

Monday:  Veterans Day Lunch:  American Cheese Cheeseburger w/ FF & a Slice of Apple Pie.

Tuesday:  Steak & Cheese Sub w/Chips

Wednesday:  Fried Chicken w/2 Sides

Thursday:  Chicken Parmesan Sandwich w/Onion Rings

Friday:  Meat Loaf w/2 Sides

When you pull into the Pub this week you will notice a new addition to the parking lot.  A Food Pro Trailer.  That is our temporary freezer while we  install a new freezer in the Pub.  Now, it is not new walls etc.  It is new everything else but the walls.  “All the Better to Serve you with my dears”  as the wolf would say.  Mary being the sickly grandmother of course.

The Ravens play the Bengals today at 1:00.  The Skins have a bye week.  The Skins are in a race with the Dolphins for the First Round pick.  Knowing the Skins, they will blow this too.

Friday Evening will be Oysters at the Pub.  We will have them Steamed, on the Half Shell. Fried and perhaps a Special Baked with Crab Imperial.  For those of you Oyster lovers. you better call ahead by Wednesday so I know how many to bring in.  For those of you others.  They do work you know except when it comes to Doreen.  There it is a hopeless case.  What can I say?

Every year the Pub has been fixing breakfast at WFMD’s Radio Station for the Volunteers for Christmas Cash for Kids on Friday the Last Day.  This year the last day is December 6th. Miss Linda & I will be out of the Country.  Between Miss Mary and Grandma Judy breakfast will be covered.  It is a lot of fun todo.  I’m sorry that I will miss it.  If you want to donate, call 301-663-9363 on Friday morning and mention the Pub and Miss Mary & Grandma Judy.  One will be at the Station and one will be at the Pub.  Miss Linda and I will be somewhere in Germany traveling between Budapest and Nuremburg.  

 I did see some snow flurries Friday morning at the farm.  I hope that this is not a sign of things to come.

Enjoy your week.

See you at the Pub.


The Three Fools